A Hunky-style Pisanka

Copyright 2006, N. Skumanich 

Here are a few of my favorite websites:


Eastern Slovakia Research Strategies. This website has a lot of practical information including how to use the on line Slovak phone book.

English Slovak Translator This website is a little tricky to use but the beauty of it is you can enter a word fragment and it will offer you a number of words that begin with that fragment.


Maps of area settled by the Carpatho-Rusyn and of Galicia:



There are a number of Carpatho Rusyn webpages; you can find them easily with Google. But my favorites include the Carpatho Rusyn Society page:


Anyone with an interest in Carpatho-Rusyn culture may become a member of the Society. They have information on their website on how to join.

I also highly recommend the World Academy of Rusyn Culture.

There are other family webpages. Kathi Desko has a genealogy page at E Pluribus Unum.



Thanks to the World Wide Web, the Great Rusyn Diaspora has come to an end!



This embroidery was done by a relative still living in Europe.

Copyright 2006, N. Skumanich